As a professor effortlessly update, manage, and enhance your course materials with Evoli.

Professors and educators face significant challenges in managing and creating course content because they use outdated tools and their data is fragmented. Often, data is saved locally on devices or on generic cloud services like OneDrive. This inefficiency leads to wasted time, increased stress, and suboptimal educational experiences for students. The impact is seen in class content being outdated and unable to keep up with the fast-paced industry. Updating class content every semester and creating new content each time is hard, leading to data silos and preventing the effective use of technology.Evoli transforms this process by providing a copilot assistant for professors on top of a driven platform that centralizes all your tools and course materials, making it easier to update, manage, and enhance your content; in addition to being able to automate it and get faster turn rate with personalized Ai agents.

Key Features

Professors can create a syllabus by describing class goals, levels, prerequisites, and expectations, or they can upload an existing syllabus. The AI-generated syllabus is then validated by the professor, who remains in control.

Syllabus Creation

Based on the number of classes per semester and the syllabus, professors can create a learning plan outlining topics to cover in each session which is used to fine tune a class specific Ai model (The Copilot).

Learning Plan Development

Before every class session, Professors can have the Ai create draft slides or upload existing content, which the AI analyzes and updates with new information, replacing outdated knowledge to stay current with the professor's permission. The AI can generate pre-lecture notes, assignments, extra resources, and more based on the professor's needs. It can also provide a talk plan for lectures if the professor prefers to ditch PowerPoint presentations.

Course Content Management

Beyond its main features, Evoli integrates all the tools a professor needs into one platform. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps or copy and paste data. From notebooks and slide show makers to data analyzers, Evoli provides everything in one place, making teaching more efficient and cohesive.

Unified toolkit

The AI tracks student performance by automating the grading of assignments and exams. It can determine each student's strengths and weaknesses and recommend extra content based on their level in specific subtopics of the class. Advanced analytics track student performance and engagement.

Automated Grading and Analytics

Seamlessly integrates with popular LMS like Blackboard and Canvas, allowing automatically created content to be distributed easily.

LMS Integration

Evoli MVP is rolling out soon to professors for free for the fall semester in return for feedback. Join us.

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